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Grass cutting Land clearing

Make sure your property is safe with firescaping and lot-clearing services

Protect your home or business with our defensible space clearing. We'll remove problematic plants, and we can thin or prune your trees and bushes to reduce the chance of a fire spreading. When you firescape your property, you also minimize the damage caused by accidental fires - protect your family or your customers and call us today.


Do you need lot clearing or ground maintenance? Travis Garrett Tree Service can help you by removing unwanted trees or bushes and make sure your property is professionally maintained. Make the best first impression possible and take advantage of over 25 years of experience!

  • Grass and hedge cutting

  • Land and brush clearing

  • Planting

  • Seeding

  • Weed control

  • And more - call us today to schedule an appointment!

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You'll get a variety of maintenance services