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Land clearing equipment

Take advantage of the latest tree service equipment

When you need a tree trimmed or your lot cleared properly, you want to be sure the company you call is using the latest and safest equipment. Travis Garrett Tree Service uses all the right equipment to ensure your satisfaction with the completed job. Depending on the size of your job, you might see our equipment listed below:


Chipper: Chippers are used to convert messy debris into a valuable resource. You'll see it used on tree trimming and removal jobs as well as lot-clearing jobs to convert branches and brush piles into wood chips - which provide valuable ground cover and are ideal for paths. You can also use a garden chipper, which is ideal for the chipping requirements of a small residential garden. In conjunction with our dump trucks, these are useful for clearing your site and leaving it clean when the job is done.


Stump grinder: Whether you have one large stump or several smaller stumps, we have a variety of stump grinders to match your job. The stump grinders remove your stumps by grinding them into small wood chips.


Small skid steer tractor: One of our most versatile pieces of equipment - this can be used in almost any job you have, from tree transplants to lot clearing. You can also use this for storm damage clearing and tree fertilization.

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Cranes: Your property is important to you, whether residential or commercial. We use cranes to minimize the chance of damage to your yard and the rest of your property. They are the safest, fastest, and most economical method of tree removal, and let us remove even your largest or most difficult to reach trees!